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    Opinions on this workout routine?

    So I'm very much a beginner when it comes to gym and weights etc. I'm 18 y/o female, 95 lbs and looking to build muscle, get toned and put on weight. I just joined the gym and one of the trainers there set me up on a program and what exercises I should do. This is what he suggested: 20-25...
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    Anyone know a great workout routine i can follow up on?

    Does anyone have a great workout routine i can do on a day to day basis that doesnt require weights or spending to much money. Something to help build a little muscle and to tone the rest of my body? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Soccer routine .......trying to gain stamina and body(mass)?

    Eat healthy food too
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    Is my workout routine ok?

    This year my resolution was to get a six pack by the end of the summer... The plan was to do weight lifting and jogging in the summer. I started working out in february, mainly weight lifting and ab workouts. I got the two upper lines of the six pack showing by the end of march but I want to...
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    Good workout routine?

    I AM ALREADY SKINNY. Im a girl. I just want to be toned and have flat Abs. Do you think its possible by July and should I even do cardio ? Btw I do yoga everyday M- Cardio, Legs T- Butt, Arms W- Cardio, Legs Th- Butt, Arms F- Cardio, Legs Sat- Cardio, Butt Sun- Rest
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    A few Miami Heat players are doing the LeBron James chalk toss routine

    Back before he became an omnipresent destroyer of worlds, LeBron James would come onto the court after pregame introductions with the somewhat imposing, largely unnecessary routine of throwing a handful of chalk in the air at the scorer's table. It was a sign to herald the arrival of the man to...
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    Is this a good daily exercise workout routine?

    3 sets of the following: *Push-Ups - perform as many as possible; rest 1 minute *Chin-Ups - perform as many as possible; rest 1 minute *Sit-Ups - perform as many as possible; rest 1 minute *Bodyweight Squats - perform as many as possible; rest 1 minute Followed by: Cardio (Running) for 30 minutes
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    Will L-Glutamine Give Your Fitness Routine A Boost?

    Fitness types used to love creatine, then they flirted with l-arginine, and now, l-glutamine is the newest crush on the (protein-building) block. Bodybuilders and high-performance athletes have been using l-glutamine (also referred to as glutamine) supplements and powders for years … More »...
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    Does this sound like a good gym routine?

    I'm starting to go to the gym and I've made up my own gym routine. (keep in mind my goal is to lose fat not get bulky) - 20 minutes on the elliptical - 40 crunches - 20 bicep curls - 20 tricep push downs - 40 leg presses - 20 minutes walking/jogging on the treadmill (with a high incline) does...
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    Gym routine for losing weight?

    Hello! So my boyfriend and I just got a gym membership a few days ago! However I want to lose weight, but I don't know where to start... I'm a bit of a noob, lol. I usually get on the treadmill and walk for a mile, bike for 2 miles and then use the weight machines for arms, back, and legs. Could...
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    What is a good bodybuilding routine for me?

    I have little money, 1 dumbell at home, a sledgehammer i sometimes lift for substitution, im overweight and im 6'4 not much to work with. BQ what are some good protien shakes and vitamins (don't say steroids) I can leg press 1500 lbs though. I did leg press a little a few months ago where I...
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    Workout routine to prepare for BMT?

    I'm waiting a couple months before I ship out to basic training (Air Force) and I would like to know a good routine to follow that will help me excel physically. I've been lifting weights 6 days a week for almost 6 months and I've been trying to bulk. But I hear I should not bulk and just...
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    My workout routine - good or bad?

    Hey I'm 145 pound and I am having this new experiment to get way more definite and ripped then I am now. My routine is every day I be doing a day triceps and the next day biceps and so on. with that I do 4 days a week of abs work out and ontop of all this workout I do one big muscle group...
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    What's a good Workout routine for me?

    So Im about 5"4 weigh about 160 and I'm trying to lose 15-20 pounds. Obviously I can't afford a personal trainer or nutrionist, so I need all the help I can get. My goal is to lose 1pound per week while trimming my flabby stomach and sculpting/rounding my booty. How many miles should I run...
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    This a good workout routine? I am adding 3 days cardio aswell I'm a 16 year old male. Thanks in advance and any suggestions are welcome
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    Evidence Insufficient To Recommend Routine Antibiotics For Joint Replacement Patients

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons(AAOS), and the American Dental Association(ADA) found that there is insufficient evidence to recommend the routine use of antibiotics for patients with orthopaedic implants to prevent infections prior to having dental procedures because there is no...
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    Questioning The Reasons For Routine Pelvic Exams

    The pelvic exam, a standard part of a woman's gynecologic checkup, frequently is performed for reasons that are medically unjustified, according to the authors of a UCSF study that may lay the groundwork for future changes to medical practice. The research shows that many physicians mistakenly...
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    Can someone suggest a good weekly workout routine?

    As the above it includes a lot of cardio, maybe some strength and flexibility exercises also.
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    14 year old gym workout routine?

    I just got a gym membership. Im not overweight however do have a flabby stomach and thighs. This gym membership allows access to gym and pools so I was wondering what my routine should be? I have a persoanl trainer but thats not till next week and Im going to gym tomorrow. I am going six days a...
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    New workout routine tell me your opinion?

    So for the past few months this has been my workout routine: monday- chest tuesday- shoulder wednesday - bicep, triceps thursday - back friday - legs Lately i've been taking to consideration to what a lot of people have been telling me, to work on 2 muscles a day. Does this sound like a good...